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Index.hu: Hungarian Politicians Should Learn The Polish Lesson

Tamás Székely 2015.10.27.

The parliamentary elections in Poland can be seen as political earthquake, Hungarian news portal index.hu argues in an article published on Tuesday. According to journalist Szabolcs Dull, Hungarian politicians should draw a lesson from the recent Polish developments, which clearly show that almost anything is possible in Central European politics.


There are at least seven important consequences of the latest Polish elections for Hungarian domestic politics, the liberal news portal claims:

1) In Central Europe the right wing’s opposition is not necessarily left-wing, which means that in Hungary radical nationalist Jobbik could be the main challenger of conservative Fidesz instead of the Socialists (MSZP) in the 2018 elections campaign.

2) Traditional left-wing is gone. The Hungarian Socialists should recognize that, otherwise they will follow the Polish comrades to the dead-end.

3) New parties can be surprisingly successful. The citizens are hungry for change, new faces, new thoughts and new approaches. This fact is reflected in the unexpected breakthrough of Paweł Kukiz’s liberal party.

4) Corruption is the greatest sin. Despite governing the country relatively successfully for eight years, Poland’s liberal-right-wing party (PO) has lost the power, because the party could not defend itself from the corruption scandals. Hungarian ruling parties should be aware of that.

5) Favorable macro-economic figures are worthless if people do not feel progress in their own life.

6) The migrant crisis plays important role in political campaign. The voters care very much about immigration, therefore the political elites cannot spare the answers and solutions.

7) Sometimes it is better to step back a bit. Jarosław Kaczyński, the controversial leading figure of the victorious PiS party, will not be the next prime minister of Poland. People do appreciate if politicians restrain their ambitions, at least formally.

Polish - Hungarian Friendship (photo: valasz.hu)

Polish – Hungarian Friendship (photo: valasz.hu)

In Poland this is the first time since the fall of communism, when a single party (PiS) won the absolute majority of the seats in parliament, a recently founded party reached nationwide breakthrough and the traditional left-wing completely collapsed.

source: index.hu