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Independent MP Ákos Hadházy disrupted this year’s first parliamentary session by showing banners that criticized the government. The Speaker of the House has banned the politician from the chamber for the violation of the House Rules – his fine could be as much as his annual salary. After the incident, Hadházy stated on Facebook: “I will not pretend that we have a real parliament and will not pretend that the ‘Parliament’ still has any gravity or authority.”

During this year’s first parliamentary session on Monday, former LMP, now independent politician Ákos Hadházy once again showed anti-government banners in the chamber.

During state secretary Tamás Schanda’s speech, the Independent MP hung a sign from the gallery over the head of László Kövér, the Speaker of the National Assembly, with the slogan: “Stop Propaganda.”

Scandal in Parliament: Opposition MP Disrupts Orbán’s Speech, Outrages House Speaker

Kövér then banned Hadházy from the chamber and informed the House Committee of his subsequent sanction.

The decision did not stop the MP, and a few minutes later he hung another banner with “The prime minister’s manor” written on it. The sign most probably refers to the extension of the Hatvanpuszta building owned by the PM’s father, but some opposition politicians have repeatedly insisted that the manor is in fact the PM’s property.

Now Ákos Hadházy could face a fine equaling his annual salary for the attempt to disrupt the parliamentary session, and for not complying with the Speaker’s orders.

After the incident, Hadházy shared his thoughts on Facebook.

In his view, “This ‘Parliament’ is no longer a national assembly worth participating in.” In October, “Fidesz, who believe they are God,” tightened the House Rules by “adopting legislative changes that resulted in the MPs’ serious deprivation of rights,” Hadházy wrote.

Hadházy believes that László Kövér wants the opposition members to “abide the government’s dirtiest lies, insults and humiliations in silence, while sitting on their hands, listening to well-combed rhetoric on the parliamentary benches.”

He said, “I can’t accept that, and I think it makes even less sense to stay there.”

This is not the first time the politician has taken similar actions.

Governing Parties Propose Stricter Disciplinary Rules for Renitent MPs

Last October, during PM Orbán’s parliamentary address, Hadházy held up two banners from under the podium with the slogans: “He has to lie because he stole so much,” and “Stop propaganda, Stop corruption.” Later the politician displayed another board from his seat which contained a particularly obscene expression.

As a result, the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance has proposed stricter disciplinary rules for MPs violating the order of parliamentary sessions, which was later accepted.

In reaction to the independent MPs action, Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader, Máté Kocsis responded:

“Ákos Hadházy’s political activity and even his personality are so insignificant that if he does not do such things, he doesn’t get in the news.”

In response to his sanction, the Fidesz politician said that “It seems that Hadházy does not pay this out of his own pocket. Someone who contributes from his own salary is likely to take this also into consideration. Surely there will be some sort of fake fundraising where millions of forints will be raised from the micro-donations of ‘very poor people’ and then he’ll be able to pay for it.”

Meanwhile, Hungary’s opposition parties have just announced that they are turning to the Constitutional Court with a request that it annuls new laws governing the operations of parliament.

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