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The National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) mobile application has become available as an electronic, more detailed version of the Hungarian immunity certificate. Unfortunately, its users have reported that the app has not been functioning properly due to bugs, crashes, and logistical errors. It was also reported to have stopped functioning earlier Friday morning.

Government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi announced the software’s release during Thursday’s government press conference. She said that the app, available on Android and iOS, will contain the individual’s name, the time of their vaccination, as well as the type of vaccine they were inoculated with, which is not available on the physical immunity certificate.

Two Applications Required for Functionality

It is not that simple, however, since after registering and downloading the app, only a QR code is shared followed by the user’s name, TAJ number, date of vaccination, and confirmation of vaccination. The type of vaccine is only showed upon the scanning of the QR code.

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FM Szijjártó: Central Europe Should Excel in Approving Immunity Certificates

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In order to scan the QR code, one needs to download the EESZT Covid Controll app, which is currently not available on Google Play, but will likely show the type of vaccine used upon scanning the other QR code. The app also shows the absence of a vaccination.

Pre-existing illnesses of the individual are not shown on the app either, these are only available through the code on the physical immunity certificate.

A Slightly Complicated Registration

In order to register, download the app then, preferably on the computer, register on the EESZT website, on the mobile applications page. This requires an account on the government office’s website and a TAJ number.

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A QR code will be provided, which is needed for a smartphone registration, then the code provided on the app must be input on the website, and a PIN must be created to allow the user to login on their phone. EESZT explains the process on its website, which can be translated through google if the English version is not available.

Immunity Certificate App Performs Poorly

Unfortunately, there are multiple problems with the application, made clear by the 526 user ratings giving it 1.2 stars out of 5 on the play store.

The issues many users found include the provided PIN code being unusable after closing and reopening the app, the QR code being unreadable, as well as unsuccessful registrations, a frustrating design, and multiple crashes that made the app’s use impossible.

Meanwhile, Index reported at the time of its article that the app was unavailable on Google Play, but that it could be found on the iOS App Store. Still, the easiest way to download it seems to be through EESZT’s website.

Draconian Sanctions for Immunity Certificate Counterfeiters
Draconian Sanctions for Immunity Certificate Counterfeiters

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Telex found on Friday at 11 am (CET), that the app has simply not been working since earlier in the morning. Unfortunately, this is not the first time EESZT has crashed, and according to Telex the app is not even letting users register anymore.

The user said that after entering their PIN, they should hypothetically authenticate their registration on EESZT’s website, but “It either gives an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, or reads that the user’s EESZT services are limited. (…) Then after a few minutes this crashes as well, and once again a simple HTTP 500 error code comes up (at these times the server has so little capacity, that it begins throwing away arriving connections).”

Issues Faced by Foreign Citizens Remain

The issue of foreign citizens not receiving their immunity cards also remains. Those without Hungarian passports or identity cards who did not receive an identifying number from their doctors are not only excluded from accessing the EESZT mobile app, but from even receiving a physical immunity certificate.

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Problems with Foreigner's Immunity Certificates: PMO Head Says Gov't Offices Can Help

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Many have been waiting for a solution since their vaccination, but Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás said on Thursday that their best option is to inform a government office about their issue, then wait for it to be resolved and the immunity card to be mailed out to them.

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