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Immigration Turmoil Could Trigger The Next Economic Crisis, Hungarian Middle East Expert Warns


A serious financial and economic crisis could follow the growing migrant crisis, while the European leaders still unable to handle the escalating situation, said Lajos Herencsár in an interview with the online edition of conservative daily Magyar Nemzet. According to the Hungarian security policy expert, a recognised researcher of the Arab world, Europe should find solutions as soon as possible, otherwise the crisis certainly becomes unmanageable. It is not enough to think only about Europe and its Schengen borders, the EU member states need to find a way to cooperate effectively with the Arab countries.

The reasons behind the recent migration wave are as much as environmental as political or economical, he told The global warming, consequently the drought and the shortage of clean water in Africa also play a very important role in migration, and that was recognized by scientists long before the Syrian war broke out. The critical political and military situation in the Middle-East and North Africa, however, speeds up the process of mass migration towards Europe as we can barely find solid states in the Arab region, Herencsár said. It is more than clear that the Untied States’ foreign policy in the Middle East has not been a success story recently, but a deepening European immigration crisis would not serve American interests either, he insisted.

The only possible solution for Europe is to cooperate with Turkey, Jordania, Libanon and the other countries in the region on building and financing refugee camps to be located far from the European borders, he added. Already millions of refugees live in camps in those countries and if Europe not willing to share the enormous cost of food-supply and health-care, the refugees would not have other choice but to keep marching towards West, the security expert warns. If the migrant pressure on Europe will not ease in the forthcoming future, the Schengen system could collapse as a result of the tendency that more and more member states consider reintroducing border-controls. Such scenario would be a catastrophe for the European economy in the long run, he said.

via photo: Attila Béres – Magyar Nemzet