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Immigration To Hungary From Crisis Zones Reaches Highest-Ever Numbers

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.16.

The number of illegal immigrants arriving in Hungary from Kosovo has dropped since the start of the year. At the same time, the number of illegal migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq remains high, Zsuzsanna Végh, the director of the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality (BÁH), has said. In an unprecedented trend, more than 7,000 illegal immigrants have arrived from those three countries since the beginning of 2015, Ms. Végh told public radio. The immigrants have fled from areas where security has seriously deteriorated, she said, adding that evaluating their applications is a more complex process than for Kosovar applicants.

Ms. Végh noted that as a result of international cooperation between authorities, the number of illegal immigrants has dropped significantly, from around 1,000 per day in the beginning of the year to 150-200. However, the number remains high in international comparison. With the total number of asylum-seekers registered by the office Hungary by now is listed second behind Germany. The office has switched to a 24-hour work schedule to process applications, Ms. Végh explained.

The director added that the significant decrease in the number of Kosovar migrants caught in Hungary can be attributed to cooperation between Hungary, Germany, Austria and partially Kosovo to target illegal migration, together with a large-scale campaign in the Balkan country under which EU member states informed would-be asylum seekers that their chances of being awarded protection in the EU are slim.

via hungarymatters.hu and hirado.hu
photo: 444.hu