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Immigration: Hundreds Rally In Support Of PM Orbán's "Protection Of Europe" In Prague

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.09.29.

“By attempting to halt the flow of migrants towards Europe, Hungarians are protecting Europe and European traditions based on Christianity and the Greco-Roman cultural heritage, a speaker said at a demonstration held yesterday in Prague to express support with the Hungarian government’s immigration policies.

In the past, Hungarians have protected Europe against the Turkish and today, they were also the first to stand up for the protection of Europe and its values by attempting to prevent illegal immigrants flooding our continent”, Pavel Skácel, for the Institute of Slavic Stategic Studies (ISSTRAS) said at the improvised meeting, held at the Hungarian embassy in Prague.

The some 500-600 participants chanted “Thank you, thank you” in Hungarian and Czech, as well as “Orbán, Orbán!” and “Ria, ria, Hungária” while waving Czech, Slovak and Hungarian flags and holding up boards with anti-immigration and anti-EU slogans. The sympathy demonstration was organised together by several civil society organisation, with support from some Czech politicians, MPs and senators.

“The defining European culture is Christian, based on Greco-Roman heritage. The issue at stake today is whether this will remain so in the future. The Hungarian government led by Viktor Orbán is working towards this”, Mr. Skácel said, hitting out at Germany, France and the European Union for steering Europe towards a “further disaster” with their “erroneous and dangerous” stance on immigration.

The demonstrators then marched on to the Slovak embassy in Prague, where they expressed support for the immigration policies pursued by the government of Prime Minister Robert Fico.

via mandiner.hu
photo: mandiner.hu