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Igen, Tessék! – Yes, Please! The Movement For Multilingual Customer Service In Romania

Robert Velkey 2016.04.25.

The organization Igen, Tessék! (Yes, Please!) works for the expansion of the opportunity to use the mother language of the customers in Romania. Their efforts have the most relevance for the numerous Hungarian minority of Transylvania, numbering roughly 1.5 million people, and accordingly, the movement was founded in the city of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), where ethnic Hungarian inhabitants make up around 18% of the population. The organization builds a database and directory of the shops and services to connect them with the customers.


The movement started with stickers on the entrances of the markets to show if there is Hungarian-speaking customer service in the store. Where the customers can see the green sign with the text Igen, tessék! / Da, pofti ti!, they can ask for Hungarian service any time. The first multinational company partner to join the movement is the DIY store Praktiker in Kolozsvár.


The next development of the Igen, Tessék! is an online application and directory of member shops and companies. By using the keywords, it takes only a second to find any of the 650 Hungarian-speaking places. The companies can fill the registration on the igentessek.ro website for free to register in the database.


András Bethlendi, the executive manager of the Igen, Tessék!, said that membership in the project is an “added value” for the shops because for the Hungarians in Transylvania it is important if they can do the shopping by using their mother language. “Results of researches show that Hungarians in Romania require the Hungarian costumer service”, Mr. Bethlendi mentioned.


The movement runs very well and companies from many other cities have joined too. In the ages of multiculturalism it is a very useful and encouraging movement, Keep on going; Yes Please!

via: frissujsag.ro; igentessek.ro
photos: facebook.com/igentessek; erdely.tv

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