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ICT Sector On The Rise In Hungary Despite “Hindering Factors”


Hungary’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector could double exports of software and services in five years, the general secretary of the ICT Association (IVSZ) said. The sector exported software and services worth 300 billion forints (EUR 955m) in 2014, Gábor Major confirmed.

The general secretary also noted that funding earmarked for developing the digital economy reaches 136 billion forints in the next EU budget period, and almost 100 billion forints is expected to be spent on establishing the e-government in Hungary.

On the other hand, Gábor Major listed factors hindering growth in the ICT sector such as the ten thousand unfilled vacancies. Major also noted the absence of progressive ICT regulation and a supportive environment. He said telecommunication access fees are the highest in Hungary among EU member states, and noted high special sectoral taxes and frequency fees.

As it is well-known, the Hungarian government had proposed to extend the already existing telecommunication tax on the internet traffic in October 2014, but the public outrage and the protests and demos of angry users forced the decision-makers to withdraw the controversial plan. Instead of introducing the so-called “internet tax”, MEP Tamás Deutch has been assigned by PM Viktor Orbán to launch a “National Consultation” campaign on telecommunication issues in 2015.

via photo: public domain