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‘I Dance Hungary’ Folk Dance Tutorials – Szatmár Dances are Coming!

Fanni Kaszás 2019.08.29.

With the support and contribution of the Rákóczi Associaton, the first scenes for the next part of ‘I Dance Hungary: Dances of Szatmár,’ have been filmed at the summer diaspora camp of the Association. 

You can learn nearly anything on the internet, and singing and dancing are no exception. There are endless materials to choose from, but not everything is reliable. I Dance Hungary is taking steps to solve this problem by providing tutorials led by dance experts, along with original footage for those wanting to learn Hungarian folk dance. The website is supported by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, also the publisher of Hungary Today and Ungarn Heute.

The next segment of the tutorials were filmed during the summer with the help of the Rákóczi Association at their summer diaspora camp. A group of 350 young people from 15 countries on four continents arrived in Satoraljaújhely, in north-eastern Hungary, to spend vacation at a summer camp. They participated in Hungarian language workshops and sports events, and learned folk dancing. During their dance lessons, the new tutorials were also filmed.

Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács, violinist, art director at Fonó Music House, and mastermind behind ‘I Dance Hungary’ said:

It’s a huge honor to see that two very reputable foundations stand behind the I Dance Hungary Program. The Rákóczi Association and the Friends of Hungary Foundation, which made it a reality.

Alejandra Brum from the Rákóczi Association joined a Hungarian community in Montevido, Uruguay, where she was able to learn folk dance and form a special bond with Hungary and its culture. Because of this strong connection, she decided to move to Hungary at the age of 18. She said:

I believe that where there is Hungarian folk dance, a Hungarian community will form. And because of this, thank God, the Rákóczi Association is putting a special emphasis on the folk dance movement and teaching dance.

The main aim of the ‘I Dance Hungary’ platform is to create a bridge between non-Hungarian speakers, the Hungarian diaspora, and Hungarian culture via folk dance.

I Dance Hungary: Dancing into Hungarian Culture, No Matter Where You Live

By the 21st century, the dance house movement became one of the most important retaining powers of the Hungarian diaspora. It also served as a vital tether to Hungarian culture for those with no other connection to the country.

I Dance Hungary – Website with Folk Dance Tutorials for Non-Hungarian Speakers Launched

The courses – focused on the traditional dances of two regions, Szék and Somogy – are led by masters of Hungarian folk dance. Norbert Kovács “Cimbi” is the project’s dance director, and the dances are taught by Szilárd Szabó “Sziszi” and Rubinka Szabó. The videos were recorded with three cameras, focusing thoroughly on the movement of the upper body, legs, and body as a whole. The tutorials are accompanied by music performed by well-known folk musicians Júlia Kubinyi, Szabó Szilárd “Sziszi,” and Halmos Attila. Kubinyi also performs folk songs in the song section of the page. The songs are available with karaoke versions as well as English translations.

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