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Hungary's Thermal Baths: Visitors Vote Hajdúszoboszló's Hungarospa Spa Of The Year

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.10.08.

The Spa of the Year vote, held for the first time this year this year with the aim to draw attention to Hungary’s wealth in thermal and healing springs and the baths built on them, came to a close on 30 September, with a total of 170 000 votes arriving for close to 200 baths across the country.

Hungary is well known around the world as a thermal water superpower – the country’s thermal springs are unique not only in their quantity but also their quality and a number of top-notch baths have been established over the centuries to exploit this wealth.

Spa of the Year 2015: Hungarospa (Hajdúszoboszló)

In 2015, Hungarospa in Hajdúszoboszló, which is the largest bath complex not only in the country but also across the whole of Europe, was named Spa of the Year. The complex also sports the largest purpose-built pool in Central Europe; the vote revealed that its services are exceptionally popular among the public.

Emerging Spa of the Year: Cserkeszőlő Bath and Therapy Center

The title of Emerging Spa of the Year in 2015 was won by the Cserkeszőlő Bath and Therapy Center in Szolnok county. Despite being less known nationwide, it is highly popular in  the region due to conscious and well-founded developments carried out over the past decade.

Locals’ Favourite Bath of the Year: Kerekdomb Thermal Spa

This year, the title of Locals’ Favourite Bath of the Year was won by Kerekdomb Thermal Spa, near the southern town of Kecskemét. The spa, which underwent full development in 2014, is made special by a 50-seat log sauna.

The three categories were established by termalfurdo.hu, the Hungarian website which organised the vote, because the close to 200 baths that took part in the vote boast highly different particularities and opportunities. Thanks to the separation of the categories, smaller spas were comparable with similar institutions.

via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
photos: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu and wellness-center.hu

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