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Hungary’s Ruling Parties Mildly Increase Voter Base As Terrorism Takes Toll On Europe

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.07.27.

According to a recent public opinion poll, conducted by the think-tank Nézőpont Intézet in mid-July, Hungary’s governing centre-right alliance of the Fidesz and KDNP parties is now recorded at 31 percent, an increase of 3 percentage points compared to June. This is doubtless related to the increasingly evident connection between immigration and terrorism, which proves Prime Minister Viktor Orbán right, the pollster argues.


Among opposition parties, the radical nationalist Jobbik has receded by 1 percentage point and stands at 12 percent. It can be reiterated that the combined support of the leftist parties (MSZP, DK, Együtt, PM) is higher at 17 percent than Gábor Vona’s party. The contest within the Left has benefited MSZP somewhat in June. While the Socialists were able to garner 2 percent more support in June, accounting for 10 percent of the total adult population, former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s DK party has lost support by the same margin. DK’s base is now at 5 percent. All this can be attributed to the one-time effect of MSZP’s leadership change, since the combined support of leftist parties has not changed.


Support for the green LMP party is now at 5 percent, while minor left-liberal groups Együtt and PM continue to hibernate at 1 percent each, respectively. Support for the Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP) was immesurable, the poll found.

Looking at the most likely mandate results, Fidesz-KDNP would secure 44 percent, Jobbik 21 percent, while MSZP 12, DK 8, LMP 7, Együtt 2 and PM 1 percent respectively, the survey shows.