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Hungary's Refugee Proposals On The Agenda Of President Áder's NYC Meeting With UN Secretary-General

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.09.27.

 Hungarian President János Áder has visited New York to meet the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the chairman of the International Olympic Committee over the refugee crisis and Hungary’s 2024 Olympic bid on Saturday.

Hungarian proposals on Syrian refugees: increasing aid budgets and a world qouta

At his meeting with Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Áder said he asked for the UN leader’s agreement and support in three key areas. “I requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to increase the budget the UN devotes to supporting and caring for Syrian refugees, because this sum has unfortunately dropped to the half of previous levels”, he said.

I also asked the Secretary-General of the UN to support the Hungarian initiative to increase the volume of EU funding to Syrian refugees. Last week, a decision was made to provide refugees with EUR 1bn in support”, he said. “The Hungarian proposal was far more ambitious; we intended to grant six times more funding”, he added.

“Finally, I requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to support our initiative of going beyond EU quotas when intending to help refugees from Syria. Instead, we propose a world quota, meaning that the humanitarian obligation of helping Syrian refugees should extend not only to Europe but also to the United States, Canada, Australia and China”, the Hungarian head of state said.

According to a statement on the meeting issued by the UN, the bilateral meeting also addressed the issue of the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ban Ki Moon understands the challenges Hungary is having to face concerning the increased flow of migrants and refugees towards Europe. In handling these issues, the head of the United Nations stressed respecting dignity and human rights to President Áder, the statement reveals.

Budapest Olympics: “Extremely positive” feedback from IOC chairman

Also on Saturday, Mr. Áder had a meeting with Thomas Bach, chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during his stay in New York. The President revealed a string of arguments in favour of Hungary hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics to Mr. Bach, including Hungary being one of the oldest members of the Olympic movement and belonging among the world’s eight most successful Olympic nations in terms of medals won despite its relatively small population.

“I told the chairman of the IOC that all countries except Hungary that are among the first ten on the medal table have already organised an Olympics, so here is the chance for Hungary to have the opportunity”, he President stressed, adding that Mr. Bach, who is scheduled to visit Budapest in 2024, received the remarks “extremely positively”.

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photo: Don Emmert/AFP

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