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Hungary’s Recently Inaguarated 1956 Memorial In Madrid Has Been Ravaged By Leftist Vandals

Tamás Székely 2017.03.16.

A memorial dedicated to heroes of Hungary’s 1956 revolution and freedom fight has been vandalized, Hungary’s ambassador to Spain reported.

Enikő Győri on Wednesday expressed deep shock over the “politically motivated defacing” of the memorial, which was inaugurated five months ago.”The embassy firmly condemns the vandal act based on a falsification of historical facts and committed under a political guise,” she said.The embassy will seek to restore the memorial as soon as possible, the Hungarian Ambassador said.

The far-left Yesca Libre Catilla group said on its website that the act had been committed by its members in the early hours of Wednesday. They smeared the plaque and the statue with red paint and wrote on its pedestal: “We are fed up with the lies of the capital”. The group said 1956 events in Hungary were “misinterpreted as a revolution” by what it called the “winners’ narrative”, portraying socialism as punishment and democracy as redemption for eastern Europe. “We do not want to see neoliberal propaganda in our streets,” their entry said, criticising the city’s left-wing leaders.

The incident was condemned by Spain’s ruling conservative People’s Party (PP).

via MTI