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Hungary’s Pavilon Awarded Silver Prize At Astana Expo In Kazakhstan – Video!


The Hungarian Pavilion at the Astana Expo, Kazakhstan, has been awarded second prize in the category Theme Development, Hungarian Economy Minister Mihály Varga said in a statement on Tuesday.

The prize was awarded at the largest economic fair of the year, Mihály Varga noted. Gold medallist Switzerland and silver prize-winning Hungary were picked from 140 exhibitors. The pavilion received about 300,000 visitors in the last three months, he said.

The Hungarian Pavilion is centered around solar energy as the eternal energy source, around the Tree of Life, which symbolizes the plant that uses this energy effectively, and its perfect operating mechanism. The plant uses the energy coming from the Sun. It is the only organism on Earth that can perfectly process and store this inexhaustible energy.  The idea of the Tree of Life draws attention to this perfect and imitable process, the organic build-up of artificial photosynthesis. The Carpathian Basin is a highly suitable region for researching this, as, being a basin, it allows for genetic diversity.

Also on display were presentations on multifaceted Hungarian culture, traditional Hungarian products and the historical ties between Kazakhstan and Hungary. The Expo 2017 Astana – Future Energy ran from June 10 to September 10.

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