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Hungary’s Gastronomy to Be Showcased in Reimagined Form at Upcoming World Expo

Hungary Today 2021.06.07.

Hungary’s gastronomy will play a prominent role at the upcoming Dubai World Expo in the United Arab Emirates, set to launch in October.

Traditional Hungarian flavors have been incorporated into the pavilion’s gastronomic offer in a completely reimagined form, in line with the innovative spirit of the Dubai World Expo. Both the restaurant and the bistro at the Hungarian pavilion will offer light and fresh dishes, presenting traditional Hungarian cuisine in a modern way, with special attention to seasonality: in November, for example, goose dishes will be served, while in December Christmas and New Year’s dishes will be featured on the menu, but carnival doughnuts will also make a debut.

The restaurant will also offer tasting menus that showcase the flavors of the seasons. The menus, named after the four seasons, will change every six weeks, and will be based on their most characteristic ingredients.

Hungary to Build Close Business Ties with United Arab Emirates
Hungary to Build Close Business Ties with United Arab Emirates

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Alongside its gastronomy, the central theme of Hungary’s pavilion, named ‘Aqua Roots of Hungary,’ is water – one of the most fundamental components of life. The interactive exhibition will also showcase Hungary’s unique medicinal and thermal water reserves and promote the country’s thermal spas and baths.

The stunning pavilion is a double-shelled timber structure comprised of an inner dome and a surrounding external shell. The pavilion was designed by Lőrinc Csernyus, a former student and colleague of Imre Makovecz and the holder of a Miklós Ybl Prize.

Postponed one year due to the pandemic, the Dubai World Expo will be held in the United Arab Emirates from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The event, which will last six months, is expected to attract some 25 million visitors.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency originally earmarked HUF 10.6 billion for the construction of the pavilion, which was later increased due to additional works to HUF 667 million, bringing the total to HUF 11.266 billion. The contractor later denied that the overall cost of the project had increased.

Featured photo illustration via hungaryexpo2020.hu