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Hungary’s Cake of the Year Presented for the First Time

admin 2014.08.12.

This year’s cake of the country has been presented on August 11., the cake, called Somlo Revolution will be served on the August 20, National Day, reported news agency MTI. The Somlo cake has been selected after successfully winning the annual competition.

The cake was made by Balázs Gyula Damiczki from Székesfehérvár, while the sugar-free category was won by Nándor Confectionery, and is called “Chocolate Adventure”.The Hungarian Army’s cook team also made their own cake, using mostly material from the Lake Balaton area, namely apricot, almonds, lavender, while the Baker’s Association award went to Kurdi Familiy Kft. for making the “Castle Commander’s Bread”.

The Somlo Revolution will serve as the nation’s cake on the National Holiday of August 20. Celebrated with a half-hour fireworks display on the bank of the Danube and across the country, August 20 is the most prominent public holiday in Hungary.

Watch how the Somlo Revolution is made:

MTI photo Attila Kovács