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Hungary’s Budget Deficit Reaches 64.1% of Full-Year Target in March

Hungary Today 2018.04.10.

Hungary’s cash flow-based budget, excluding local councils, ran 871.9 billion forints (EUR 2.8 billion), 64.1% of the 1,360.7 billion forints (EUR 4,3 billion) full-year target at the end of March,  the Ministry of National Economy said.

In March alone, the budget deficit came to 345.3 billion forints (EUR 1,1 billion). The ministry noted that the pre-financing for EU-funded projects had come to 651.7 billion forints (EUR 2,09 billion) forints by the end of March, while EU transfers for these projects had just reached 60.8 billion forints (EUR 195,3 million). Additional expenditures were booked for investments funded exclusively from the budget, they added.

via MTI