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Experience Hungary’s Beauty Showcased by Painters from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Sára Kata 2020.09.27.

In spring, as a result of the coronavirus, many museums were forced to close, and they have come up with alternatives to engage with people who are interested in, but unable to physically visit their exhibitions. As more and more people feel it risky to go out during the oncoming second wave, they can profit from these online resources. You can participate in cultural events without leaving the house!

The Museum of Fine Arts together with the Hungarian National Gallery, have carried out an excellent online exhibition. This is the perfect chance to gain a little insight into Hungarian painters; due to the current climate, more and more experts advise people to social distance and to stay at home, thus this is a safer method for taking part. In addition, people outside of Budapest can enjoy it too.

The main concept of the exhibition is that people can experience the beauty of old and present-day Hungarian sites. It is also useful for high school students preparing for arts, Hungarian literature, or history classes as the site contains notes prepared for these courses.

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When you visit the website, you arrive at the central room of the exhibition. There are six more rooms, each with its own theme. The web design is realistic, and visitors can ‘walk around’ in the rooms and have a look at the pictures.

The six themes in which they are presented are the following:

  • The Danube and The Tisza
  • Our Castles
  • The Hungarian Sea
  • The Great Hungarian Plain
  • Village and City
  • Mountains and hills

If you go into one of the rooms, you can click on the pictures and additional information will turn up about the background of the piece, the painter, and approximate date. You can zoom in and examine the painting in detail.

Unfortunately, this exhibition is only available in Hungarian, as well as all the other digital exhibitions of the museum. However, it is still worth ‘a visit,’ just because of the beauty of the pictures and the detailed programming of virtual space.

Featured image by Márton Mónus/MTI

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