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Hungary’s 10 Major Problem Areas, Listed by National Bank Governor Matolcsy

Hungary Today 2019.10.17.

György Matolcsy wrote a ten-point list of major areas in need of improvement and development in Hungary. In his article published on Novekedes.hu, the Governor of the National Bank of Hungary touches on many issues from the (still non-existent) Ferihegy high-speed railway, to solving the problems of women wanting babies, to the sugar tax.

“Let’s refute William Shakespeare: ‘We know what we are, but know not what we may be.’ But we do know: wealthy, happy, proud Hungarians,” György Matolcsy, Governor of the MNB concludes his article. His opinion piece entitled “The removal of serious problem areas,” lists 10 of Hungary’s problems the government should fix by 2030.

Matolcsy Disputes Varga’s Notion that “Golden Age” of Hungarian Economy is Over

Matolcsy’s 10 points are:

  1. A high-speed train and expressway should be built from the Liszt Ferenc Airport to the center of Budapest.
  2. The quality of rail and road transport should match the country’s economic development by 2030.
  3. The treatment of insulin resistance and hormone dysfunction, the financial access to IVF/infertility treatments, women in their twenties storing their oocytes for their more difficult thirties, egg donation, and the other either prohibited, or allowed but expensive procedures should be supported and accessible to everyone.
  4. The problem of influenza in nurseries should be dissolved.
  5. The planned 100 irrigation ponds and canals should be constructed to prevent economic damage caused by drought.
  6. Hungary has access to some of the best quality thermal water in the world but we do not use it to its full potential. This needs to be changed.
  7. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of obesity in public and private healthcare should be a top priority. A sugar tax should be introduced.
  8. The result of any government decision should be measured. Additionally, the performance of every public or private doctor, teacher, and others should also be measured publicly on the Internet. This would help improve performance.
  9. The language skills of Hungarian people should be significantly improved.
  10. To prevent the hindering of Budapest’s development, Hungary should announce a total Budapest renewal program with lots of civilian plans, and plenty of state and business funding.

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