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Coldest Weather Ever Reported in Hungary on Saturday

Tamás Vaski 2021.02.15.

Record breaking cold weather hit Hungary on Saturday. Met News reported on their Facebook page that the Bükk Plateau reached a temperature of negative 35.5 degrees Celsius.

Hungary’s former record for the coldest temperature in the country was negative 35 degrees, recorded in Miskolc-Görömbölytapolca on February 16, 1940.

The meteorological news portal’s announcement clarifies that the measuring tool used for recording the temperature in the Bükk Mountains is not calibrated to Hungary’s National Meteorological Service standards, and that that there have been colder temperatures in the past, however those were not recorded. This makes Saturday’s weather the coldest Hungary has on record so far.

Highly Uncommon Freezing Weather Soon to Hit Hungary
Highly Uncommon Freezing Weather Soon to Hit Hungary

A Mediterranean cyclone is passing over Hungary, forecasted to bring strong stormy winds and freezing weather, according to the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ). The recent rainfall will likely be replaced by snow and ice. The warmest temperatures in Hungary during next week will likely be between 4 and 12 degrees Celsius, cooling down between -1 […]Continue reading

Lillafüred Online, the Facebook page of a nearby town, also posted about the event, with Csongor Horváth sharing pictures of water freezing as it was thrown into the air.

Featured photo illustration by János Vajda/MTI