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Winterlike Weather Expected in Hungary Over the Weekend

Tamás Vaski 2021.08.26.

Winterlike weather is expected in Hungary starting Thursday, with polar air masses bringing cold and rainy weather in the evening. It could be a signal of summer coming to a close, as certain parts of the country will likely reach temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius.

2021 is a historic year for Hungary from a meteorological standpoint. There was an especially cool spring that kept winter around until May due to anticyclones from the British Isles, and longstanding heat records were broken in the summer.

New National Daily Heat Record of 37.8 Degrees Set in Hungary
New National Daily Heat Record of 37.8 Degrees Set in Hungary

The former national and Budapest records for June 23 had not been broken since 2002.Continue reading

Now at the end of August a similar situation has unfolded as that in the Spring. Meterologist László Molnár told 24.hu that “in recent days a broad-ranging, stable anticyclone has formed above Great Britain, which is once again sending polar air towards us.”

These air masses, originating in our case from Northern Scandinavia, do not bring complete Arctic weather, since they warm up as they move south, but they do cause noticeable drops in temperature.

Near Freezing Weather in Certain Parts of Hungary

The first cold front will arrive to Hungary Thursday evening, but the lowest temperature is expected for Saturday in the North-Western parts of Hungary, where it will be around 13 degrees Celsius during the day. In Hungary’s coldest areas, such as Zabaron or Szécsény, the weather could drop to 2-3 degrees.

The national average temperature is expected to be between 17 and 25 degrees during the day, and the sky will likely be cloudy. Rain and thunderstorms are expected, with most precipitation likely falling in Hungary’s southern and eastern regions.

Spring in Hungary Nearly 2 C. Colder than Usual
Spring in Hungary Nearly 2 C. Colder than Usual

The last time spring was cooler was back in 1987.Continue reading

In their entirety temperatures are expected to be at least seven degrees colder than what is normally expected in August.

Featured photo illustration by Péter Komka/MTI