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Hungary Voices Opposition to Establishment of European Labour Authority

MTI-Hungary Today 2018.12.07.

Hungary, along with Sweden, continues to oppose the establishment of a European Labour Authority (ELA), state secretary Sándor Bodó said after a meeting of European Union social and health ministers in Brussels.

Establishing the ELA would remove labour oversight from the scope of power of member states, Bodó said.

At the meeting, the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) reached a general approach on a proposal for a regulation establishing the ELA, a new body which would support member states in implementing EU legislation in the fields of cross-border labour mobility and social security coordination, including free movement of workers, posting of workers and highly mobile services.

Bodó said setting up the ELA would hurt the interests of Hungarian employers and employees, as its authority would supersede that of national bodies, even though it would lack knowledge of local particulars and circumstances. The ELA’s establishment would create further unnecessary bureaucracy as well as a confusing situation in which member states’ competencies are negatively affected, he added.

via MTI