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Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony has asked the chief medical officer for retirement house residents and workers to be given priority similarly to social institutions in the national coronavirus vaccination plan, his office said on Wednesday.

In addition to elderly care homes, the Budapest municipal council also operates 391 flats in retirement houses, whose residents are among the most vulnerable to the virus, the Budapest Mayor’s Office said in a statement. The municipal council also operates a 24-hour nursing service for such residents, it said, adding that because of the frequent personal contact, retirement houses were as much at risk of infection as elderly care homes.

“In this case I see it necessary to adjust the predefined vaccination plan to real life situations and the existing risks and opportunities,” Karácsony wrote in his letter to Cecília Müller.

Vaccination of the Eldest in Hungary to Begin Under Complications
Vaccination of the Eldest in Hungary to Begin Under Complications

The inoculation period for healthcare workers and those in social and elderly care homes has concluded. The next step on the vaccination agenda is to inoculate those above the age of 89. While this will be a positive step towards mass vaccination, its effective completion will be a big challenge for doctors. State Secretary for […]Continue reading

The Mayor’s Office said the municipal council had found that 230 retirement house residents and 35 retirement house workers have registered for the vaccine. The municipal council is prepared to provide the vaccination point, handle the administration, notify the vaccine recipients and transport them to the vaccination point and if necessary, provide the health-care staff to administer the vaccines, the statement said.

Fully 2,350 of the 3,101 residents in elderly care homes run by the city council have received their first Covid shot and 827 have been fully inoculated, the Mayor’s Office said. Of the 2,166 staff members, 1,248 have received their first jab and 461 have received both doses, it added.

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