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Hungary-US Fulbright Grants Program Allocation to Increase by 2022

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.10.

The allocation of the Hungary-US Fulbright grants program will increase from the current 250 million forints (EUR 760,000) to 400 million forints by 2022, state secretary at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology Zsigmond Perényi said on Monday.

The Hungarian government will increase its contribution from the current 50 million forints to 200 million forints by 2022 in order to match the US contribution to the allocation, Perényi told a press conference.

Marc Dillard, deputy head of mission at the US embassy in Budapest, said that Hungarian and US grant recipients “fall in love with the recipient country” during their studies in Hungary and the US, respectively, and this further strengthens ties between the two nations.

Károly Jókay, executive director of the Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission, said the increase in support would enable more competitive grants and would shorten the waiting list of applicants.

Featured photo Tamás Kovács/MTI