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Hungary Urges European Commission To Ban Genetically Modified Maize Varieties

By Tamás Székely // 2015.10.28.

Hungary has submitted a petition to the European Commission (EC) asking for a ban in Hungary on all genetically modified maize varieties that have production licences or are about to get one in the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture told news agency MTI. The Hungarian government sent its petition on September 21, asking for the ban of 8 products.

Since none of the companies producing these types of maize appealed until the October 22 deadline, the EC will have to modify existing and future distribution licences to exclude Hungary, the ministry said. Hungary will also ask for exemptions from the EC in the future if other GMO producers ask for European distribution rights, the ministry said, noting that Hungary’s constitution stipulates that the country remain GMO-free.

Ministry of Agriculture official Árpád Rácz said previously that the Hungarian government was convinced that maintaining Hungary’s GMO-free status is the only right choice. “Keeping the country GMO free is even included in Hungary’s constitution and the country has come to a broad consensus on the issue that is irrespective of political affiliations”, he said after attending the “GMO-free Europe” conference held in Berlin in May.

via and MTI