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Govt to Introduce Three-pillar System for Funding Universities

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.02.22.

The government is introducing a new three-pillar funding system for universities from September to better support various aspects of university activities, László Palkovics, the innovation and technology minister, said on Monday.

Speaking at an event at a faculty of the University of Veterinary Sciences in Üllő, near Budapest, Palkovics said the three pillars would fund the areas of education, research, and infrastructure and maintenance separately. Of the three pillars, the educational funding will be paid in proportion to the number of students taught at the university, he said.

Gov't Prescribes Model Change for Medical Unis to be More Competitive
Gov't Prescribes Model Change for Medical Unis to be More Competitive

The government-pushed but debated model change of the Hungarian universities rolls on. Lately, all four medical universities voted to switch to the new foundation-based working model. For now, however, the reform is accompanied by haste, mistrust, uncertainty, and opposition. Former minister and Constitutional Judge István Stumpf’s appointment can bring new impetus to the completion of […]Continue reading

Palkovics said that the foundational model for running certain universities and the new financing model would contribute to greater competitiveness.

Featured photo by Tamás Sóki/MTI