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Hungary Today Wishes a Very Happy, Prosperous and Coronavirus-Free New Year!

Hungary Today 2020.12.31.

It’s becoming a yearly tradition for us to share our achievements and resolutions with you, dear readers, on New Year’s Eve. Just like last year, we are looking back on our past year, ecxcept for the first time in many years, we are also glad that it is finally over. We are hoping that the next one will be better for everyone, filled with joy, health, and hopefully with a solution for the coronavirus crisis. 

Thanks to you, Hungary Today is still the most widely-read English-language news site dealing with matters related to Hungary. This year, with your help, we surpassed 100,000 likes on Facebook, currently standing close to 110,000 followers there. We have a total of 3,400 followers on Instagram and 8,400 on Twitter, and we plan to make 2021 even better!

Some people make resolutions to break bad habits, create new ones, or maintain existing ones. The editorial team of Hungary Today also has a resolution it intends to keep: we promise to continue to collect engaging images, videos, and photo galleries related to Hungary and to keep you, our dear readers, informed about breaking stories in Hungary and in Hungarian communities abroad. We will provide a complete, unbiased picture of Hungary in the next year as well, making sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to tell their side of the story. When it comes to politics, we will continue to seek to present a multitude of views on any particular topic.

Your feedback, constructive criticism, and, above all, your readership, have proven invaluable in our mission to produce the best news site possible. Our editorial staff will continue to work hard to bring you objective and wide-ranging news concerning Hungary and Hungarians around the world, and we look forward to welcoming you among our readers again in 2021!

Although 2020 was filled with uncertainty, pain and crises; families apart from each other on their major holidays, as well as a lack of possibilities to travel, explore the world and get to know new people, we are certain that the next year, hopefully with a solution for the coronavirus, will bring more joy to everyone’s life than the past one.

We hope you enjoy the festive season even in these difficult times, and make time for yourselves and your loved ones – at least even through the Internet. On behalf of the whole Editorial Team, we wish you, your family, and friends the very best for the coming year. Here’s to a great 2021- may it be nothing like the dreadful 2020!

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Featured photo illustration by Balázs Mohai/MTI