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Hungary to be Host Country at Vienna Design Week

admin 2014.09.10.

Hungary will be the host country at this year’s Vienna Design Week between September 26 and October 5. The design week is Austria’s largest design festival, with a variety of locations and events in the capital of the country, attracting over 30.900 visitors every year. Hungary’s Balassi Institute of Vienna will provide the cultural background to presenting the country at the design week.

In 2014, in cooperation with Hungary’s Balassi Institute, the design week intends to provide a  a refreshing perspective is taken on the neighboring country by presenting Hungary’s young design scene. Hungary will be present in several categories, including “Debüt”, “Stadtarbeit” and “Labor”, where young designers can showcase their work. There will be an exhibition titled “Pure Hungarian”, while visitors can browse Hungarian products and ideas at the WAMP International Design Market, on the streets of Vienna.

The festival is curated by Lilli Hollein and is set to enter its 8th round this year. National and international works of product-, furniture-, graphic-, and industrial design, such as experimental approaches will be presented during the week. Revealing the creative process of the production and to initiate projects are core elements of the festival´s concept. Vienna Design Week has based its mission on both, the celebration of design and on its critical examination, aiming to show what an essential part of our culture design is.

More information and complete program guide can be found here.

source Balassi Institute, Vienna Design Week