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Terror Threat Level in Hungary ‘Not Increased’ after Vienna Attack, says TEK Leader

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.11.05.

The director-general of Hungary’s counter-terrorism force TEK said that despite the recent terrorist attack in Vienna the threat level of Hungary has not increased.

In an interview with commercial broadcaster ATV,  János Hajdu said they were able to react quickly to what happened in Vienna because the information came from Austria almost immediately. Austria acted in an exemplary manner in the hours following the terrorist attack, sharing important intelligence with, among others, the Hungarian authorities, he added.

The shooting in Vienna started at 8 pm, and the Hungarian counter-terrorism forces were already at the border after 10:30 pm to help their Austrian colleagues in a possible cross-border arrest. Ultimately, this was not necessary.

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Hajdu said that the terrorist attack in Vienna does not seem too complicated, however, should the circle of suspects be extended to the friends and sympathizers of the gunman, several European countries may be involved.

Although the terrorist attack happened only 70 kilometers away from the border of Hungary, the country is not in greater danger than after the terrorist attacks in other European countries, like Paris, Brussels, or London, Hajdu outlined.

The threat level of Hungary has not increased, he stressed.

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The Director-General of TEK also emphasized that members of the Hungarian Muslim community have lived here for decades,  they are well integrated, have a good relationship with the Hungarian government, pay taxes, and reject any suspicious elements. Should someone with radical ideas come to Hungary from abroad, they will be dealt with by the solutions of the secret service, Hajdu added.

Featured photo by MTI/AP/Ronald Zak