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Hungary Swine Stock Unaffected by African Flu, Says Chief Vet

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.08.05.

The African swine flu virus has not been detected in Hungary’s farm stocks, the chief veterinary officer told public broadcaster M1 on Monday but warned that wild boars are spreading the disease.

Further infected wild boars have been found in north-eastern Hungary, the officer said, while there is a high risk of the epidemic spreading in central-eastern Hungary, too, Lajos Bognár said.

Hunters are obliged to remove the carcasses of dead boars and kill ones exhibiting symptoms of the African fever, the officer said.

Farmers are advised to pay increased attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the stiles and not to feed their swine with green fodder straight from the fields or use fresh straw for litter. Livestock cannot be transported from one location to the other without prior inspection by a vet, Bognár said.

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