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Fidesz Politicians Celebrate Terrace Reopening, Opposition Concerned About Crowds

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.04.26.

After the terraces of restaurants, cafés, and pubs reopened in Hungary on Saturday, plenty of people, often in masses, decided to spend their free time at catering businesses to eat or drink in the nice weather. So did many Hungarian pro-government and opposition politicians who also shared it on social media.

The prime minister uploaded to Facebook a picture of him drinking beer at an outdoor terrace with a short comment.

“Terraces open, pints allowed!”, Viktor Orbán wrote.

Former Defense Minister, Csaba Hende, also took the opportunity, but instead of a beer he decided to eat some deep-fried hake.

“Haven’t enjoyed a hake as much as on this terrace today,” the politician wrote.

Csaba Dömötör, a state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, and ruling Fidesz communications director, István Hollik, both uploaded a picture of them sitting together on a terrace.

In his post on social media, Dömötör also noted that even though only terraces are opening now, soon a lot more places will as well.

State secretary, Bence Tuzson, had a coffee in a bistro’s terrace overlooking the Danube in Dunakeszi.

Government spokeswoman, Alexandra Szentkirályi, also shared some pictures while having a coffee with her grandfather.

“I was really looking forward to this: a good coffee on a terrace with my grandfather,” she wrote.

Erre már nagyon vártam: egy jó kávé a teraszon a nagypapámmal 🥰☕️. Fotókredit: Panni 📸

Közzétette: Szentkirályi Alexandra – 2021. április 25., vasárnap

24-year old Deputy Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs, Zsófia Rácz, had dinner on the terrace of a restaurant, and shared it on Instagram.

The president of the Democratic Coalition reacted in a short Facebook post to the reopening of the terraces, and he shared a picture taken in his home.

“A terrace was waiting for me too. At home :)”, wrote Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Várt rám is már egy terasz. Itthon:)

Közzétette: Gyurcsány Ferenc – 2021. április 25., vasárnap

Előd Novák, a politician of the extra-parliamentary radical party Mi Hazánk, also shared a picture of him sitting on an outdoor terrace. In his Facebook post, however, he focused on the “discriminatory” vaccination certificates.

Liberal Momentum MEP Anna Donáth also reacted to the reopening of terraces. In her post, she wrote that “my terrace is nature.”

Meanwhile, Momentum shared a post of Anna Orosz, the party’s deputy mayor of Újbuda. In the post she shares the picture of Viktor Orbán having a beer, along with a series of photos also taken on Saturday showing extremely crowded terraces. Orosz finds the images worrying but hopes that “the early opening of terraces will not be the cause of another health crisis.”

😷 Az egy éve tartó járványhelyzet mindannyiunkat megvisel, mindannyian várjuk már a korlátozások végét. A…

Közzétette: Orosz Anna – 2021. április 25., vasárnap

Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony also finds the reopening of outdoor terraces concerning.

The politician understands the desire of the people of Budapest for freedom, yet seeing the euphoria following the opening of terraces worries him.

“I would like to warn everyone to be extremely careful, as we have lost more than two hundred of our compatriots today, and thousands of new COVID-infected people have been reported by health authorities today,” the mayor wrote in his Facebook post on Sunday.

According to Karácsony, the current opening means that the government not only gives freedom to its citizens, but also shifts much of the responsibility onto them.

Karácsony advises everyone to act responsibly because anyone can enjoy the sun and their coffees on terraces while still keeping a safe distance, following hygiene rules, and wearing a mask when not eating or drinking.

Featured photo via Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page

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