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Hungarian Press Roundup: Pro-Government Editors Explain Their Creed

Hungary Today 2020.09.24.

The editor of Karc FM radio denies receiving instructions from party or public officials, while the boss of the newly launched Pesti TV says his programmes represent ‘the revolt of normalcy’.

Hungarian press roundup by budapost.eu

In the third piece of a series of Azonnali interviews with leading media personalities, Ottó Gajdics, editor of Karc FM admits that his radio station is a staunch supporter of the government. That doesn’t mean, he adds, that the government dictates what they should say. He thinks opposition outlets are just as committed to their own political side, with the difference that they claim to be independent. Meanwhile, Gajdics continues, he often criticises government policies, but keeps such criticism within the pro-government community.

Introducing his new Pesti TV on Mandiner, editor Gergely Huth says his TV station, which is an offspring of the Pesti Srácok website, addresses the young, politically less active generations. Thus, he adds, they don’t consider themselves competitors to HIR TV. They consciously use crass language and gestures to appeal to young viewers. As to their mission, Huth sees his station as part of an international ‘revolt of normalcy’ against an extremist liberal trend intent on destroying what he defines as the traditional culture created by ‘white heterosexuals’.

Featured photo illustration from Pesti TV’s Facebook Page