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President Áder Receives First Shot of Sinopharm Vaccine

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.02.26.

President János Áder has received the first dose of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine against Covid-19.

Speaking to state media on Friday, the president urged the public to follow suit and register for vaccination as early as possible, and turn up to receive the jab once notified by their GP.

“Let us trust our doctors, our health system,” the president said, adding he hoped that “we will soon have the epidemic behind us.”

Skepticism Overshadows Chinese Vaccine's Rollout in Hungary
Skepticism Overshadows Chinese Vaccine's Rollout in Hungary

The Chinese Sinopharm vaccine has arrived to Hungary’s GP offices, and has now effectively become a working part of the nation’s vaccination process. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s emphasis on urgency and the vaccine’s sudden authorization have, however, caused a growing amount of skepticism due to the lack of documentation available regarding its effacy and safety. […]Continue reading

Featured photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI