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Hungary Praised for Successful Organization of Budapest International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo

Fanni Kaszás 2018.01.24.

Hungary was praised at the 42nd Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival by the European Circus Association (ECA) for the successful organization of this year’s Budapest International Circus Festival, which marked the opening of the 250th anniversary of the birth of contemporary circus art.

On January 21st, the ECA held its official presidential conference. Péter Fekete, director of the Capital Circus, has been a member of the ECA since last year, and on this occasion, he summarized the highlights of the 2017 circus year. He recalled the previous presidential conference, held in Budapest last summer, as well as the planned programs and propositions that were completed successfully. He also emphasized the unique status of Hungarian circus art in the centre of Europe.

Helmut Grosscurth, President of the European Circus Association, thanked Hungary for the high-quality opening of the 250th anniversary year. He highlighted the exemplary, smooth organizations and the active participation of the Hungarian travelling circuses and their directors in the circus life of Europe.

Professionals arrived from 10 countries to the Circus Pedagogical Professional Conference, held during the Circus Festival, where the “circus pedagogical program”, a Hungarian innovation, was also presented in detail. The program could be introduced soon in many countries of Europe.

The professional conference was not the only place where the audience could hear about Hungary: the opening number of the Circus Festival was the Pas de deux, a ballet act on horseback, performed by Hungarian artist József Richter and his wife, Marrylu. They had three other equestrian performances during the festival and returned home with the most prestigeous prize of the Festival, the Clown d’Or.

photo: Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo

Another Hungarian, László Simet, one of the most skilful high-wire artists in the world, and his team also received an invitation after more than 20 years to Monte Carlo. They performed a breath-taking high-wire show in the finale of the first program panel.

The 11-day circus festival opened on Thursday, with 160 artists from 17 countries and regions bringing to the audiences 30 performances including circus, acrobatics and magics.