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Hungary Could Possibly Host 2024 Olympics Under IOC Plans

szilagyi.sandor 2014.12.02.

Hungary could possibly host the 2024 Summer Olympics as Central and Eastern Europe as a location of the games is expected to gain a major foothold in the future plans of International Olimpic Committee (IOC) chairman Thomas Bach, it has been revealed.

“The change gained impetus with the forty thousand petitions and 1200 new ideas handed in by the working groups. This could prove highly favourable for us if based on these proposals, the IOC’s general assembly will pass the Olympic reform on 9 December in Monaco”, Zsigmond Nagy, international director of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, said. Mr. Nagy added that this would mean that holding the 2024 Summer Olympics could become a realistic possibility for Hungary.

The International Olympic Committee’s objective is to avoid host countries suffering economic detriment as a result of organising the event, as happened with Greece in 2004 and rather be allowed to take advantage of the task. With support from the international organisation, totalling USD 1.3 billion, as well as the generated revenue, London succeeded in gaining a profit with the organisation of the Summer Olympics in 2012.

“Applicants will be invited to the tender, the IOC will offer a partnership and active assistance to applicants. Moreover, the international organisation no longer narrows its spectre to cities; countries will be able to cooperate, meaning we could possible run a joint candidacy with Croatia. The organisation of the water sports world championship in 2021 and the developments involved could be a good reference”, Mr. Nagy added.

According to economist Péter Oszkó, holding the Olympic Games could prove to be more than political capital.

“In the short term, infrastrutural development covered by the funds provided will definitely prop up the economy, but it is only worthwhile to implement investments that can be put to use on the long run too”, the expert said.

However, the recently elected Romanian President, Transylvanian Saxon Klaus Johannis, is presumably aware that the reform carried out by German Mr. Bach could improve their positions too. The political lobby is set in swing by every tender of such magnitude, meaning that Hungary will have to create a political climate to gain supporters for the Hungarian Olympics from a broader circle.

via blikk.hu
photo: nbcsandiego.com


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