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Hungary PM Orbán Envisions End Of “Ideological Suppression” With New US Administration

By Tamás Székely // 2016.11.22.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the outcome of the US presidential election presents an opportunity to “change things for the better”. Speaking at a press conference in Niš, in southern Serbia, on the occasion of a joint cabinet meeting between Hungary and Serbia, Orbán said that “things will improve” under the incoming administration.

Viktor Orbán said international political players needed to display more empathy, understanding and humility than before. Orbán said that Hungarians, having been presented as supporting a “morally inferior” stance on migration, the question of nation-states or family matters by those positioning themselves as “guarantors of moral superiority”, had “hurt” Hungarians “immensely”. “Hopefully we can now be rid of this,” he said.

Orbán said “our peculiar Central European spirituality” is sensitive to any kind of suppression. There is a good reason why sensitive Central Europeans feel that today there is a “ideological suppression” in the world. “We need a change in Europe, because we have had enough of being lectured by others. We are not supposed to share our opinion because we are constantly threatened by moral and political judgments”, Orbán said. “We need to get rid of this ideological suppression”, he explained.

via and MTI