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Pro-Gov’t Org’s New Peace March of ’Unprecedented Size’ Underway

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.04.28.

A new massive march in support of the Orbán government is being planned once the pandemic is over due to the growing ’provocation’ by opposition parties, chairman of Hungary’s pro-government NGO, the Civil Unity Forum (CÖF) and associated public benefit foundation(CÖKA), announced.

At the umbrella organization’s press conference, László Csizmadia said that the opposition has “waged war” against the purchase and administering of Eastern vaccines.

Gov't and Opposition Accuse Each Other of being 'Anti-Vaxxers' and Undermining Trust In Vaccines
Gov't and Opposition Accuse Each Other of being 'Anti-Vaxxers' and Undermining Trust In Vaccines

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On behalf of the organization, which takes an opposing view, László Csizmadia expressed his gratitude to Russia and China for their support, which he said had enabled Hungary to be one one of the first countries in Europe and the world in terms of vaccination rate.

“The time is approaching when in the face of escalating provocations, we can march together in the Peace March, of an unprecedented size, in a spirit of peace, inviting the operative board and all our compatriots involved in defeating the pandemic, and personally acknowledging their heroic work,” Csizmadia said.

The first Peace March was launched in 2012, with the aim to show the Orbán government’s broad public support. In the past years, CÖF has organized several demonstrations attended by tens or even hundreds of thousands of people.

In the featured photo: CÖF’s “peace-march” in 2013 in support of the Orbán government. Photo by Tamás Sóki/MTI