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Parties of the parliamentary opposition on Tuesday signed an agreement concerning principles of a joint government should they win the next general election in 2022.

Signatories of the document pledged efforts to build a “democratic, socially equitable, environment- and climate conscious, cooperative Hungary”.

The document was signed by leaders of right-wing Jobbik, liberal Momentum, green LMP and Párbeszéd, the Socialist Party (MSZP), and leftist Democratic Coalition.

Main Opposition Parties to Run on Joint List in 2022
Main Opposition Parties to Run on Joint List in 2022

After a long preparation and negotiation process, Hungary’s six most significant opposition parties agreed to run on a joint list in the 2022 general elections: Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, the Socialists (MSZP), Momentum, and Párbeszéd announced in a joint statement. The decision was made by party leaders on Sunday, after Jobbik finally set to […]Continue reading

Speaking at a joint press conference held online, Jobbik chairman Péter Jakab said that his party would “build a better Hungary than it was in the past 30 years”, seeking “peace in society, an end to hatred, elimination of divides, and reunification of the nation”.

Momentum leader András Fekete-Győr said his party’s ideal was a “new republic in which voters control the government rather than vice versa”. Momentum supports the rule of law, and the freedoms of the press, education, and art, he said, adding that they would want to live in a country in which “it is not a single person shaping the future but residents together”. Momentum would “put an end to the rule of oligarchs and eliminate corruption… no crime should be left unpunished,” he insisted.

Opposition Declares Objection to Govt's Treatment of Local Councils, Epidemic Response
Opposition Declares Objection to Govt's Treatment of Local Councils, Epidemic Response

Hungarian opposition parties have jointly declared their objection to the Orbán government “bleeding dry local councils” and its “irresponsible epidemic handling and crisis management”. “Robbing our cities is not governance,” according to the statement issued by the opposition alliance on Thursday, signed by party leaders András Fekete-Győr (Momentum), Ferenc Gyurcsány (Democratic Coalition), Péter Jakab (Jobbik), […]Continue reading

LMP co-leader Erzsébet Schmuck said that her party was preparing to participate in a government which “considers the future of the planet” in addition to “considerations for the present”. The goals should include building an environment-conscious society and handling a demographic crisis. She made mention of migration, and said that its causes, climate change and violent conflicts, should be managed. To that end she called for European cooperation but added that migration-related decisions should continue to be made by national governments.

Tímea Szabó, Párbeszéd‘s co-leader, said one of the main goals of the six parties was to create a “caring society” focusing on the elderly, the sick, and the poor, a society in which “everybody is significant and each child is an asset”. She called for fair distribution and equal acces to public services, a society with “no privileged”.

MSZP co-chair Ágnes Kunhalmi said that the country’s development should rest on the skills and creativity of its residents, and called for a “free and fair education system ensuring promotion in society”. She also said it was fundamental to ensure “fair wages for decent work, and a decent pension for a lifetime of hard work”.

Hungarian Press Roundup: Opposition Parties Join Forces
Hungarian Press Roundup: Opposition Parties Join Forces

As the main opposition parties announce their agreement to run jointly in the 2022 Parliamentary election, a pro-government and a left-wing pundit assess their chances. Hungarian press roundup by budapost.eu Background information: On Sunday, the opposition parties (Democratic Coalition, MSZP, Párbeszéd, Momentum, Jobbik and LMP) agreed to run on a joint party list, nominate joint candidates […]Continue reading

Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said the opposition alliance was seeking to form a “patriotic and European” government, and voiced support for Hungary’s European Union membership.

In the featured photo (from left to right): Péter Jakab (Jobbik), Gergely Karácsony (Párbeszéd), Tímea Szabó (Párbeszéd), Ferenc Gyurcsány (DK), Erzsébet Schmuck (LMP), Máté Kanász-Nagy (LMP), Bertalan Tóth (MSZP), Ágnes Kunhalmi (MSZP), András Fekete-Győr (Momentum). Photo via LMP’s Facebook page.