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The government has included casinos to the list of stores being shut down for Hungary’s new restrictions coming into effect next week. Unlike cafés, restaurants, and pubs, they were not included in previous shutdowns.

During the most recent government press conference on Thursday, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Press Office Gergely Gulyás listed the various stores which the government is shutting down between March 8 and March 22, but did not mention anything about casinos.

Gov't Announces Strict Lockdown Measures to Curb Covid Spread
Gov't Announces Strict Lockdown Measures to Curb Covid Spread

Hungary will close almost all shops and services for two weeks along with kindergartens and primary schools for the next month in an effort to tackle the third wave of coronavirus infections, the prime minister’s chief of staff announced on Thursday. Shops, with the exception of food stores, pharmacies and petrol stations, will have to […]Continue reading

In fact, the information the minister shared on the shutdown lacked details which would have been fundamental to know for such a decree. Who is impacted by the shutdown of services? How long will schools be closed for? Can restaurants continue to their deliveries?

Casinos have come under significant scrutiny after not being shutdown during previous lockdowns, despite the fact that they have been seen drawing large crowds.

Casinos' Exemption from Lockdown Restrictions Angers Many
Casinos' Exemption from Lockdown Restrictions Angers Many

While the catering and entertainment industries struggle to avoid bankruptcy, Hungary’s casinos remain open. Many are frustrated with current legislation, and want to know why these large businesses are exempt from the nation-wide shutdown. In a video posted to Facebook, independent MP János Bencsik placed a closed sign on the door of the Las Vegas […]Continue reading

It only turned out later that they were included in the government’s new decree.

Liberal weekly forwarded a list of questions to the government, which they believed needed to be clarified. the Government’s Information Centre responded to only one, saying “casinos cannot remain open, further details on rulings will be provided tomorrow.”

Featured photo illustration by Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI