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Hungary Named Among World’s Top 10 Safe And Secure Travel Destinations

By Tamás Székely // 2017.08.22.

As a result of the series of terrorist attacks in Western Europe, safety and security have become the most important aspects of traveling and vacation-planning. Consequently the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has released information for holidaymakers on which countries are currently considered a high-risk status and which are a very low risk.

There is a low threat from terrorism in Hungary

While some of the most popular British tourist destinations – including Spain, France, Turkey, Tunisia and Belgium – have all been classed as dangerous due to recent events, countries in Central Europe seem to be a perfect choice for holidays. Based on the FCO data, British tabloid Daily Star has made a list of  the World’s top 10 safe travel destinations with low threat of terrorism. Hungary has been named ninth among them as a European country that “offers stunning countryside” as well as “historic cities such as Budapest” that are “full of architectural beauty” and “buzzing bars.”

Although “there is a low threat from terrorism in Hungary”, one should be aware of the “risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks which could be in public areas”, the paper notes. The other recommended European travel destinations are the Switzerland, Malta and Iceland.

via; featured photo: Hungary Today