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Hungary May Cut Taxes Related To Internet Use From 2016

Tamás Székely 2015.05.13.

Taxes related to internet use in Hungary could be reduced from the start of 2016, the government’s commissioner for national consultation on the internet said. VAT on internet subscriptions, the special telco tax or the utilities tax on broadband networks could be reduced, Tamás Deutsch told the Media Hungary conference.

Planned measures for consultation include the introduction of what is generally dubbed as “Google tax”, to be levied primarily on multinational companies in a bid to have a fairer share of the public burden, said Deutsch. Hungarians pay the main 27% VAT rate on internet subscriptions at present. The tax base for the telco tax is service volume, and the utilities tax is paid based on the size of networks.

The government’s commissioner pointed out that Hungary’s 7.5 million internet users are able to participate in the ongoing public consultation on internet use. Last November, following a mass demonstration over a planned internet tax, Tamás Deutsch said the national consultation on the internet would concern how to maximise freedom for net users and ensure the widest and cheapest access. He confirmed that the consultation would not be about an internet tax because “there won’t be one” in Hungary.

via hungarymatters.hu, MTI photo: internetkon fb page