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Hungary Makes Strong Début At “World’s Best High Gastronomy Event”

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.10.07.

Hungary has made a strong début at the 28th Gastronomika world congress, held in the Basque city of San Sebastian between 2 and 5 October.




Mangalica meat, goose liver with apple jam”, stuffed cabbage, goulash soup and a special variety of “Somlói galuska”, also known as Hungarian trifle, prove to be the greatest hit among gastro afficionados from Spain and elsewhere across the world, who scrambled in front of the Hungarian stall to get a taste of the delicacies during the four-day festival.



Organisers of the Spanish festival, dubbed the world’s best high gastronomy event by Forbes, invited Hungary as a fully-fledged participant of the festival during their visit to Budapest in February. Hungarians’ imagery, the programme guide and exterior design elements were coordinated by the Hungarian Tourism Agency, who carefully paid attention to the last detail.  “Hungary’s presence here is a clear result of the gastro revolution back home”, Zoltán Guller, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, told news website

“Hungarian goose and duck liver is world-famous as it is; it doesn’t need much in the way of advertising, taking it to various festivals is enough for success to be guaranteed. The Hungarian Mangalica pig became almost extinct before we managed to save this breed in the last moment and put it on people’s plates. That’s why it’s so delightful that it has been such a hit in San Sebastian”, Mr. Guller said.