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Hungary On Instagram – Photos Of The Week


Did you know people share millions of photos with #Hungary and #Hungarian hashtags on Instagram? We bring you the best 15 pictures every Friday as our weekly selection of the Hungarian-themed Instagram photos continues in the autumn too. Use #hungarytoday hashtag on Instagram to boost your chances of making next week’s selection!



#chainbridge #budapest #budapesthungary

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Wooly Whiskey ❤️️ @mywhiskeygirl #vizsla

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Budapest felett az ég ? #welovebudapest #szivarvany #rainbow #budapestfölöttazég #skyporn

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#matthiaschurch #budapest #budapesthungary ? @giuscam92

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#afteralongnight #budapestthursdays #budapesthungary #budapest #thursdayisback

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Bokod Floating Houses Only just 45 minutes from Budapest the Bokodi tó amazing chill place over the city! We love it! This Hungarian stilt village is built in a lake that never freezes over due to the power plant that that uses it as a cooling pond. The 12-month liquidity is due to the power plant that dominates its skyline. As a “lake,” Bokodi-hůtőtó (its Hungarian name) is actually a cooling pond for the plant. The water is continuously circulated — cool water into the plant, warm water out — so it keeps the surface from fully freezing. If you’re looking for fish in the wintertime, not having to cut through ice is a plus. And since the houses sit directly over the water, your catch is never more than a front porch away. The lake had its 15 minutes of fame in 2014, when a moody photo of the cabins, rising out of a blue mist, was used by Bing on one of their search pages. Before Bing, few people other than the locals and dedicated fishermen were aware of the picturesque spot. It’s still off the beaten path, but it’s since been photographed more than a few times. It even played a starring role in a music video by the Hungarian contestant in the 2014 Eurovision competition. In addition to the labyrinth of cabins, boardwalks and piers, it even included a few shots of the power plant. #bokodito #lovethiscity #relax #chill #fishing #BokodFloatingHouses

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#budapest #budapesthungary #lovethiscity ? @nmf_trainer

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Sleepy city: Hungarian Parliament, Budapest, Hungary

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#just #a #little #stop #hungarian #sausage

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