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Police Officers Save Illegal Migrants from Burning Van

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.04.06.

Nine people, including a child, were rescued from a burning van by Bátaszék police officers, RTL Klub reported.

The two police officers were patrolling the M9 motorway at night on March 2nd when they saw a van parked on the shoulder. They decided to check the identity of the driver and his passenger traveling with him.

The driver claimed he was not transporting anything, and that the cargo hold was empty. During the inspection, the engine compartment of the van began to emit smoke and soon burst into flames. The fire spread quickly to other parts of the vehicle.

Once the whole van was already on fire, the two officers began hearing loud noises, then screaming coming from the cargo area.

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Without delay, they pried open the cargo door and amidst the thick billows of smoke, they caught the silhouettes of a small child and several adults.

The police officers managed to rescue all nine of them trapped in the cargo area including the small child.

It turned out the passengers were illegal migrants from Syria, while the 19- year-old driver of the van and the 25-year-old woman traveling with him were human traffickers.

The life-saving police officers were later rewarded.

Featured photo via RTL Klub