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Hungary Hit By Poor Air Quality As Budapest Mayor Announces Smog Alert

Tamás Székely 2017.01.02.

Several Hungarian towns and cities are plagued by poor air quality. In Budapest, Esztergom, Eger, Debrecen, Miskolc and Oszlár concentrations of particulate matter in the air exceed what is considered to be a safe level, the National Centre for Public Health (OKK) said on Sunday.

Nyíregyháza, 2017. január 2. Gyalogosok Nyíregyházán, a Vay Ádám korúton 2017. január 2-án. A városban délelõtt lépett életbe a füstködriadó tájékoztatási fokozata, mert tovább romlott a levegõ minõsége és a szálló por koncentrációja átlépte a tájékoztatási küszöbértéket. MTI Fotó: Balázs Attila

The people of Nyíregyháza are among those suffering from poor air quality in the first days of 2017 (photo: MTI)

The air quality in the towns of Nyíregyháza, Kazincbarcika and Sajószentpéter is especially poor and a red alert has been declared. The OKK has issued a warning for the capital and Pest County, saying that persistent fog could have a further impact on air quality. The warning also applies to several other counties.

Meanwhile István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, has ordered a smog alert for the capital on Monday morning because the ozone concentration at the measuring points has exceeded the threshold of informing the population for the second consecutive day. The “informational” grade smog alert now declared means that the level of air pollution can be dangerous for certain groups of the population in the short term, such as the elderly, those with chronic diseases or children. The mayor’s office also recommends that the population  to use public transport in favour of private cars if possible and avoid idling cars.

The city of Miskolc, in Northeast Hungary, has also issued a smog alert on Monday, news agency MTI reported.

via and MTI; photos: János Vajda and Attila Balázs – MTI