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Hungary at a Glance – Traveling Museum Opens

By admin // 2014.10.21.

Traveling museum showcasing important moments of Hungarian history started off its nationwide tour yesterday. The tent, set up on the 56–ers Square until Friday, awaits visitors with an interactive presentation. The program is organized by the Hungarian National Museum and is titled “Tent of Centuries”, where the staff of the museum presents the nation’s history in an interactive way, helped by 21st century technologies.

“We have to show that a museum nowadays is an exciting place to visit. Besides being entertained, the visitor always leaves with added value, helping him or her to navigate better in our world”, said Tünde Császtvay, deputy director of the museum at a press event. The goal of the gigantic hemisphere is to educate young and old alike, presenting well-known chapters of Hungarian history in a fun but educational manner. For example, visitors can get a peek into the Battle of Mohi or dressing habits of several periods.



MTI photo Noémi Bruzák, gallery from