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Coronavirus – DK: Gov’t Wants to Get Through Crisis by ‘Skimping on Hungarian Families’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.07.

Opposition DK is pressing the government to start “genuine” crisis management and address the issue of rising food prices, the leftist liberal party’s spokesman said at an online press conference on Sunday.

Balázs Barkóczi said (liberal green) Párbeszéd has calculated, based on data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH) and supermarkets that a four-member family is now paying 500 forints (EUR 1.5) more for a Sunday lunch than a few months earlier, before the epidemic, raising the cost to 4,800 forints.

The official data show an 8.7 percent rise in prices, but Barkóczi said prices have risen 11 percent in the past three months.

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He said it was “outrageous” that the government wants to get through the crisis by “skimping on Hungarian families” and called for “genuine” crisis management.

He urged the implementation of a number of measures DK recommended when a state of emergency was declared because of the epidemic, including wage support for employees, workplace childcare and an immediate, one-off premium for pensioners.

Featured photo via Balázs Barkóczi’s Facebook page