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Hungary First to Erect a Statue in Honor Of Mysterious Bitcoin Creator

Hungary Today 2021.05.31.

Hungary will be the first country in the world to erect a statue of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, who will receive a life-size bronze bust in Budapest. The first design plans have been revealed showing a hooded figure in reference to both the unknown creator and the “people of the internet.”

The new statue is particularly exciting because Satoshi Nakamoto, credited to be the founder of Bitcoin, has never revealed his identity. Many believe he is a group of people rather than an individual, and his name is simply an alias.

The bronze bust designed by two sculptors, Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly, will depict a hooded figure, a reference to both the unknown creator and the “people of the internet.”

Image: Réka Gergely

In addition, although the sculpture will have a face, it will be a reflective surface in which everyone can discover their own reflection when they stand in front of it. This reinforces the idea that “we are all Satoshi.”

András Györfi, the initiator of the project, also believes it is not Nakamoto’s identity that matters.

According to Györfi, the unknown hero opened a new chapter in the history of the internet after his invention brought about the creation of new digital currencies. But what really makes the world a better place is the blockchain technology behind bitcoin.

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“It is an efficient, fair, and transparent database that eliminates distrust between people and can make the world a better place in many areas, from food supply to aid delivery,” he said.

And that seems to be a legacy worth commemorating, Györfi added.

The project is financed by four organizations; Mr. Coin, Crypto Academy, Blockchain Hungary Association, and Blockchain Budapest joined by the crypto community in Hungary with 27 other organizations and individuals contributing to the creation of the statue. The new bust will be erected in Graphisoft Park in Budapest’s 3rd district.

Featured photo via Pixabay