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Hungary May Serve as Model for Reversing Population Decline, says State Secretary

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.13.

An increase in the number of marriages is particularly rare in Europe, and Hungary may serve as a model for how to reverse a shrinking population and mobilise internal resources to secure the country’s future, the state secretary in charge of family and youth affairs told daily Magyar Nemzet in an interview published on Saturday.

The Hungarian government’s family protection action plan was one of last year’s “greatest gains”, Katalin Novák told the paper.

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The scheme has created unprecedented opportunities for young Hungarians in their own country; rare by international comparison, she said.

Many have already shown interest in the scheme, Novák said, noting that as many as 100,000 families have received some form of support.

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Most popular so far is a 10 million forint government loan for young couples planning to have children, Novák said, adding that this form of support helped couples start a family without having to depend on their parents.

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Young Hungarians tend to conceive of their future in terms of having a family, Novák said, adding that the family support scheme is about helping mothers decide whether to use their skills in the family or in a career; or if they choose, both.

In the featured photo: State Secretary Katalin Novák speaking at the Family First Congress last year. Photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

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