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Varga: Hungary Demands Fair Treatment in Article 7 Procedure during Finland’s Presidency

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.09.

Hungary wants to ensure that no double standards are applied when the European Union assesses the functioning of its constitutional system, the state secretary in charge of EU affairs said on Monday after talks in Helsinki.

Hungary demands fair treatment when it comes to the Article 7 procedure against it and steps to be taken during Finland’s EU presidency, Judit Varga said. The presidency should also reflect the will of the majority, she added.

Varga said she would always visit the country at the helm of the EU’s rotating presidency in order to coordinate positions regarding issues on the presidency’s agenda.

The Article 7 procedure is important to Finland and the steps planned were discussed during official meetings, Varga said. Finland indicated months ago that constitutionality would be a key issue during its presidency because it considers it important that everybody should respect European values, she added.

Hungary shares the same view and believes that “respect for fundamental values is a cornerstone of all democracies”, she said.

What is most important to Hungary is that the EU presidency should guarantee the conditions for fair treatment and the procedure should not end up in “throwing around accusations and pointing fingers at each other”, she said. When the facts and legal details are discussed “political accusations are quickly revealed”.

Hungary is ready to provide detailed responses to all concerns and “prove that the country’s affairs are in order”.

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“Hungary will answer the questions as part of European dialogue,” she said. “But it must not be forgotten that fair procedures, equal treatment and legal safety are important elements of constitutionality.”

It is also important that during the procedure the presidency should ensure that there is a democratic majority of member states that back every step being taken, she said.

Varga said a hearing in the procedure had been planned to take place in July but would now be held in September.

She added that the talks also touched on the next EU budget and climate targets, with Hungary performing very well in the latter area.

Varga has been nominated to replace László Trócsányi as justice minister. Trócsányi has been nominated as Hungary’s next European commissioner.

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